South Park Business Center Econ Circle


We were responsible for the design and permitting for 7 office/warehouse buildings ranging from 15,000 to 30,000 square feet with a master stormwater management system. Several sites were designed with truck wells, several were designed as “dock high” and several were designed with “dock high” platforms with forklift ramps.

The master stormwater system for the industrial subdivision was designed, permitted and constructed by the original owner to accommodate only 3 lots of the subdivision within an underdrained retention system. Working with a new owner, we re-designed and re-permitted the master stormwater system as a “wet system” within the existing platted stormwater tract. Our redesign was able to provide stormwater management for the remaining 14 lots of the subdivision. This recaptured approximately 20% of the development area for each of these lots.

This project was permitted through Seminole County and the St Johns River Water Management District.