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Commercial Services

Pre-Application Meetings, Final Plans, Comment Resolution, Construction Observation
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Pre-application Meeting
Ensuring all government requirements are met is a critical phase of any construction project. The easiest way to avoid delays is to meet with government officials before submitting any plans. MEI Civil understands what government agencies are looking for and understands how to ensure their requirements are met before filing documents.

Final Plans
MEI Civil believes in being part of the entire team. We work with all disciplines to provide a complete and coordinated set of construction plans.

Comment Resolution
A significant source of delay on a project is during the comment period of permitting a project. MEI Civil has over 25 years of experience working with governmental agencies to ensure their requirements are met without costing a project more time or money.

Construction Observation
During construction, MEI Civil will still be a vital part of the team. Promptly respond to issues that may arise during construction. And at the end of the project, we’re there to certify the civil elements have been constructed to substantial compliance of approved plans.
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Conceptual Planning

Site Layout, Code Compliance, Green Space, Stormwater, Sewer and Septic
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Site Layout
Using the information from each of the above areas, MEI Civil helps the land owner create a unique site plan which is optimized for the most potential.

Code Compliance
Government codes are complicated, expansive and varied depending on each entity. MEI Civil has over 25 years experience in Central Florida and has worked with nearly every governmental agency. They will explore all the specific codes pertaining to your property and ensure they are met, while maximizing your site.

Green Space
More and more municipalities are requiring significant uses of landscaping and plants to enhance the property's look. MEI Civil understands their needs and will work with the landscaping professionals to determine how to incorporate green space in the site design to maximize the property's potential.

With any project, you need to start with how you will manage the property’s stormwater, whether it is retaining it on site or moving it off-site. In any planning, MEI Civil will work to ensure all water management requirements are met in the most efficient manner.

One of the critical steps in any building’s plan is dealing with wastewater. MEI Civil knows all the issues with sewers, lift stations and more to make sure the property is achieving its maximum potential with a minimum amount of investment by the owner. If a septic tank is needed, MEI Civil will determine the best location for any tank and drainfield to maximize the property’s use.
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Real Estate Due Diligence Studies

Feasibility Studies, Drainage Analysis
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Before buying a piece of property, it’s critical to find out what can and can not be built on it. The civil engineering skills at MEI Civil showcase the building size, parking, utilities, stormwater management and more to give the owner a complete overview of the property.

Feasibility Studies
Already know what you want to build? MEI Civil will utilize the latest techniques of civil engineering to look at a potential property and determine if what you want to build is feasible.

Drainage Analysis
With Florida’s regular rainfall, it’s essential that a property is properly drained. MEI Civil will look for ways to create drainage solutions that work. If there is an existing problem, MEI Civil will find the most cost effective solution.
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Expert Witness and Eminent Domain

Valuation Assistance, Expert Witness Services
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On a regular basis, various government agencies set out to acquire private property in order to build or expand public facilities. In each case, MEI Civil can assist in analysis of engineering impacts including, but not limited to, access, site maneuverability, parking, grade differential, drainage, utility impacts, and permitting issues.

Valuation Assistance
MEI Civil works with the appraiser and planner to provide partial cures for the property and to identify impacts that may not be able to be cured.  MEI Civil also provides civil engineering services to design and permit the improvements necessary to mitigate the impacts as much as possible.

Expert Witness Services
The team at MEI Civil is one of the most experienced and trusted witnesses for legal matters involving civil engineering in the state of Florida. We have extensive experience and understanding of civil engineering and the legal process.
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